Science Adventure

Through fun and interactive stories, we’ll explore amazing science concepts like physical and chemical changes, the laws of motion, energy, air pressure, and more! Several students will help conduct each experiment as the audience makes predictions and draws conclusions based on their observations. Everyone will be on the edge of their seats as they experience […]


Program Description for K-2: This workshop will guide participants to build a robot and learn how to program a robot. This workshop is great for young children to begin robotic and computational thinking. Robots will light up, move, dance and challenge our ideas of who robots make an impact in our lives. The projects are […]

Coding: Literature Adaptation

This lesson guides students through adapting a book into a media production, using Scratch, a visual programming language to program a Scratch Play. Developing a literature adaptation requires students to not only comprehend a story but also to closely study an original work, and to be created in a retelling.  Many students need support to […]

Patterns in Nature: From Science to Art

This workshop (or series of) will focus on the beauty, design and function of patterns, forms and structures found in the natural world. Topics including branching, the spiral/Fibonacci, star/radial, retiform/mesh, hyperbolic geometry, symmetry, etc. will be explored. Students will observe and draw from natural specimens and images, define and study, then create 2D and 3D […]

Art & Robotics

This class is an introduction to building and programming robots for art making. Students will learn basic principles of mechanical design, construction, programming and teamwork skills. In small teams, using motors and sensors, students build robots that can draw, move objects, or find their own way and avoid obstacles. Students use a control console or […]

Magical Math & Stories

Rebecca Kelly’s Magical Math & Stories is an imaginative adventure of storytelling, math and art for early childhood learners and elementary school students. Elementary students learn the multiplication table through making puzzles. They master division through writing math stories of their own and solving problems inspired by storytelling and read alouds! Using paper arts, budding […]

Interactive Murals

Students and staff work together to create an interactive mural inspired by a theme or curriculum. Students learn about the history of murals, collect detailed reference materials, and research ideas for the mural. They then develop and transfer sketches onto Masonite panels, using a mix of traditional and contemporary methods. Through teamwork, they bring the […]