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Author Archives: Chris

Press: Long Live the Arts

By U.S. 1 Staff – June 26, 2019 “I can’t imagine living in a world without the arts.” Those are the words of the late Princeton resident Gerda Goldberg Kelly. Although the lover of the arts died in 2017 at the age of 97, she is suddenly very much a presence today with the fresh announcement […]

Press: African-American history taught through music at Haledon Public School

HALEDON — The students made drums out of plastic buckets and marimbas out of cardboard tubes. The school’s gymnasium was made a concert hall, while the seventh-grade class was turned into a spellbound audience. But, the eighth-graders’ most notable feat on Friday morning was turning themselves into entertainers, historians and — in the case of […]

Beatrice Gilmore School Concludes Young Audiences Program With Showcase

By CHRISTA LIMONE, February 10, 2019 at 10:03 PM WOODLAND PARK, NJ – The third and fourth grade classes at Beatrice Gilmore School that have been taking part in the  fall Young Audience Arts for Learning of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania program culminated the activity with a showcase of what they’ve learned. Both Beatrice […]

Pleasantville’s Washington Avenue School Receives Arts Grant

By CLAIRE LOWE Staff Writer, PLEASANTVILLE — Students at the Washington Avenue School are learning about papier-mache through a $4,000 arts grant from Young Audiences Arts for Learning of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, one of two grants the school received this year. The grant allows the school to introduce students in Tara Bach’s […]

Montgomery High School students create mural with message of unity through diversity

Pamela MacKenzie, Bridgewater Courier News Published 7:00 a.m. ET Nov. 22, 2018 | Updated 9:34 a.m. ET Nov. 22, 2018 MONTGOMERY – The Montgomery High School community was shocked and dismayed in 2012 when it discovered an outside wall, where school buses dropped off and picked up students, had been spray-painted with a racial slur. […]

DAZZLE: MAD HOT BALLROOM Raises over $280,000 for Arts Education!

Dance for the Arts! Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania’s Gala, DAZZLE: MAD HOT BALLROOM Raises over $280,000 for Arts Education! On Saturday, April 21, Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania (YA), the area’s largest arts education non-profit, celebrated with a special black-tie gala, Dazzle: Mad Hot Ballroom, A 45th Anniversary Celebration at […]

Artists-in-Education Residency Grant Program Allows Students in 3 New Jersey Schools to Create 3-D Sculptures and Original Theatrical Productions

Originally posted by National Young Audiences.  See original post here. Re-posted with permission. During the past three months, students at the Montclair Cooperative, a middle school in Montclair, NJ, have fastidiously worked on their 3-D digital designs that will soon be transformed into kinetic sculptures, some using a 3-D printer. 3-D printing technology has recently […]

A Parent’s Perspective: Woodrow Wilson Elementary School’s Dance Residency

Updated with video from Wilson School rehearsals and performance at Dazzle Mad Hot Ballroom III: Strictly Swing on July 8, 2015. Originally posted by Momma Lew on April 9, 2015 after attending a dance residency program at YA Adopt-A-School, Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Trenton, NJ.  See original post here. Re-posted with permission. As a mother, […]

21st Century Skills for a Globalized World

Today’s global economy is more markedly different from that of any other in history to date. With the advent of innovations such as high speed internet, video chat, and social media, and the stressed importance of the customer experience, businesses have had to adapt their business strategies in order to compete in a more thorough […]

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