Soul Steps:

The Language of Rhythm

Dance China New York:

China Patterns

Hip Hop Fundamentals:

Breaking: The Laws of Physics


Villalobos Brothers:

Fusión Mexicana

Project Trio:

Outside the Bachs

Caryn Lin:

The Science of Sound

Samba to Salsa:

A Journey Through Latin Percussion

Ball in the House:

Totally Vocally


David Gonzalez:

Aesop’s Bops


Folktale Fun

Give & Take Jugglers:

Dynamic Duo

Queen Nur:

Story SELabration

Yearning to Learn:

A Seat for Rosa

David Harrell:

A Little Potato and Hard to Peel

World Cultures

Li Liu:

Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics

Jeannine Osayande & Dunya:

Diaspora West African Drum and Dance Traditions

Mexico Beyond Mariachi:

Journey Through Mexico

AATMA Performing Arts:

Colors of India

The Seventh Principle:

Bantaba: The Circle of Celebration


Eda Ne Kakati (From the Past to the Present)