Young Audiences’ 2024-2025 Resource Guide

Diverse, award-winning arts education programs for students in grades PK-12.
Live, virtual, and pre-recorded assemblies & workshops for every budget.

Thank you for being an arts leader in your school! We appreciate the work you do to ensure your students have rich arts experiences in school. Unleash the power of arts education with our new 2024 – 2025 resource guide! Dive into a world where learning meets excitement and endless possibilities:

🌍 Explore diverse art forms and cultures, igniting curiosity and creativity in your students!

🎉 Celebrate the rich tapestry of traditions and artistry that reflect your students’ unique backgrounds!

🌈 Promote inclusivity and engagement, creating a learning environment where every voice is heard and valued!

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Our 2024-2025 Fall Resource Guide is available in PDF form here (28.1MB download)

This guide is available in PDF form here (28.1MB download)