A Spork in the Road: Celebrating the Wonders of Nature in a Changing World

Artist: David Gonzalez

Type: Performances / Assembly

Program Availability: In-Person


“A Spork in the Road” is an engaging show for school-aged students about climate change and the rich mysteries nature has to offer. One little firefly asks humans for a hand and becomes the unwitting mascot for all things affected by human civilization. What follows are fantastically true tales of Earth’s endless oddness, from the brilliance of bacteria to conversations had between trees. Spork’s focus on interdependence shows how cooperation quite literally makes the world go ‘round, and how it might just save us from ourselves.

Program options:


Please fill out this inquiry form or call 866-500-9265 for more information. (Virtual programs are not charged a travel fee.)

Price & Info


Assembly Price: $1745

Assembly Two-in-a-Row Price: $2490

Additional Fees: In-Person Program Travel Fee - $95 per day; Virtual Program Technology Fee - $45; (On-Demand programs are not charged travel or tech fees)


Audience Limit: 300

Program Length: 45 Minutes

Appropriate For Grade(s): 3rd, 4th, 5th



Arts Appreciation Month

Earth Week/Science Month

I Love to Read Month

Youth Arts Month

Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections



Technical Requirements

Clean stage, sound system, help with setting up lighting (please let us know if this isn’t possible). Changing room, water.