Burble, Fizz, Kaboom!

In this playful performance, Rand Whipple combines chemical reactions, solutions, molecules, and phase changes with a great sense of humor, and with a lot of help from the audience!  This program is a fun and informative introduction to science that gets students actively involved in the basics of chemistry while creating a good clean mess! […]

Kinetic Circus

Be amazed as the kinetic circus performs epic feats of strength, agility, and balance! Inspired by Alexander Calder’s famous Circus, students make mechanical characters from found materials such as wire, wood, corks, and springs. Through an intensive, hands-on process, students learn how simple machines (cranks, pulleys, and wheels) transform and magnify energy to enable human […]

Spirals in Nature: Fibonacci and Beyond

This workshop will focus on spiral forms found in the natural world. Examples of this expanding growth form will show its beauty, efficiency, and mathematical sequence such as the Fibonacci. Students will observe, sketch and draw from natural specimens including chambered nautilus, sunflowers, pinecones, fingerprints, the human ear, galaxies, etc. Creative projects include printmaking using […]

Junk Jam: The Multi-Day Experience

Students experience making music with found objects and create their own found-object instrument they can keep. Long-term residencies (10 days or more) also include a student performance on the instruments they make or the creation of larger, communal "junk jam stations" that can stay behind at the school. 2 class limit (up to 90 minutes […]

Branching Patterns in Nature

Branching patterns can be found throughout the natural world- from leaf veins and root systems, to coral, mineral dendrites, and a single brain neuron. This workshop will focus on these beautiful, efficient and energy-transmitting forms. Participants will observe and sketch from specimens, then create a wire tree sculpture incorporating a math and division process that […]

Silkscreen a Scene

Students learn simple silkscreen printmaking as they create a collaborative piece based on  the silhouettes of  plants, animals, and shapes. This workshop offers many possibilities and options depending on how many days are available. A one-day workshop allows participants to print screens on a collaborative piece such as a banner, mural, scroll, wall, or t-shirts/costumes. […]

Science Can Dance!

Science and the natural world come to life through this engaging creative movement experience with Laura Marchese. Students explore and move based on classroom topics while practicing critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, and cooperative sharing of ideas in an environment that values each members’ contribution to the creative process. Topics can include the water […]

The Amazing Junk Jam

Are you ready to jam? Environmental sustainability and social responsibility take center stage in The Junk Jam Band’s high-energy educational program featuring found objects and homemade instruments. Everyone gets involved, as students create and layer sounds, using looping technology to create songs. Learning that junk can be used in so many ways has never been […]

The Art of Invention

Are your students inventive? Through hands-on engineering with simple materials, Molly Gaston Johnson helps students explore cause and effect in artistic sculptures, simple machines, and elegant design. Problem-solving in teams, competitive challenges, and the consequences of economics add to the excitement, along with introductions to Ancient Rome, Leonardo da Vinci, and the ever-popular idea that “form […]


Math is a doorway through which students can find a world that is fun, astonishing, and inspirational. This engaging program by Red Sneaker Productions invites students to dive into the sometimes intimidating subject of math with the same passion they might join a soccer or video game. And it's funny! Combining theatre, humor, and science, this […]