Picturing the Self: Recognizing Students’ Cultural Knowledge

In this workshop, participants will learn how to apply Zaretta Hammond’s Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning research to their practice. While the focus will be on applying strategies to drawing experiences, other art disciplines will also be discussed. In addition, participants will learn how the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) method can be transformed into a […]

Creative Approach to Fractions

Integrating fractions and mathematical communication, students create math-based murals using simple art materials and techniques. Nationally credentialed teaching artist Molly Johnson introduces the work of professional artists who use math as their inspiration. Students do the same and practice conceptual, representational, and abstract understandings of fractions. This residency engages students’ creativity and mathematical thinking through […]

Culturally Responsive Education in Action!

Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) in Action will provide teachers with sequential learning to merge arts and culture for greater student engagement. Teachers will apply a shared understanding of CRE to articulate why CRE is important to teaching and learning pedagogy. Teachers will transform their current curriculum by identifying and implementing teaching and learning strategies that […]

Grounded in Literary Arts

The Literary Arts and Poetry are an exploration of the unknown, embracing the joys and challenges while growing and building through every experience. Each opportunity of written, performed expression is a personal testament into the excitement that leaning into the unknown can ignite. Born with an unquenchable hunger for learning and connection, I bring the […]

The Stories of Quilts

This workshop will introduce the world of quilting to students. First, a brief discussion of the history of quilting and some of the ways quilts are used (wall hangings, lap quilts, beds, clothing. etc.) I will share some of my quilts for students to see and feel what quilts look like. I will demonstrate how […]

No Agenda, Just Paint!

This workshop provides students with a fundamental understanding of painting, exploring its physical characteristics and expressive capabilities. Through guided exploration within set parameters, students are empowered to discover their unique artistic voice. Each project serves as a platform for self-discovery and communal sharing. Other themes also available. Program options: In-person Please fill out this inquiry form or […]

Making Books: Tell Me a Story… Tell me Your Story

Through a series of exercises leading to the creation of hand-made books, students use the elements and principles of design to create compelling images in the way that a writer uses letters and words to compose stories and poems. Intentional connections to literacy and communication are driven home as works are presented in individual and/or […]

Fun with Fractions: Math is Beautiful

Connections to world cultures are made to demonstrate that math has been at the foundation of art and culture for millennia, and students learn more in-depth about conceptual art and the work of Sol Lewitt. Students connect this creative experience to real-world applications of the imagination, learning the importance of precision within the scope of […]

SEL Murals & Mosaics

Collaborate with a school-wide or class-wide project to create a school mural or mosaic! The teaching artist leads students in a collaborative process to design a mural, and then paint a cohesive design, or construct a mosaic. Social-Emotional learning skills to share, collaborate, and communicate will all be approached in the facilitation of the work. […]