Working Together Makes Us Whole: Collaborative Mural Making

Students explore elements and principles of design to develop a language around visual expression with the ultimate goal of creating a collective mural (physical or digital). We collaboratively develop a theme tailored to either math, science, or social emotional concepts (in all cases, math will be used to establish the rule by which individual contributions […]

Exquisitely Connected Design and Digital Mural Virtual Workshop

Exquisitely Connected: A National Digital Mural Community  A 4-day arts-integrated experience connecting our current times to history and to a national community Students will create a portion of a growing national digital mural based on their personal experiences of living in times where the global pandemic is colliding with demands for social justice. This mural […]

Magical Math & Stories

Rebecca Kelly's Magical Math & Stories is an imaginative adventure of storytelling, math and art for early childhood learners and elementary school students. Elementary students learn the multiplication table through making puzzles. They master division through writing math stories of their own and solving problems inspired by storytelling and read alouds! Using paper arts, budding […]

Interactive Murals

Students and staff work together to create an interactive mural inspired by a theme or curriculum. Students learn about the history of murals, collect detailed reference materials, and research ideas for the mural. They then develop and transfer sketches onto Masonite panels, using a mix of traditional and contemporary methods. Through teamwork, they bring the […]

Paper Quilling

Originating in 17th-century Europe, paper quilling is the art of rolling, shaping, and gluing thin strips of paper together to make complex designs.  Students will learn how to curl paper to create different shapes, and explore what makes good design and how to choose which colors and shapes to use to create dynamic three-dimensional pictures, […]


In this popular workshop, students gain hands-on experience doing origami, the Japanese art of paper folding that is currently practiced in many Asian countries. As they move through making three different age-appropriate origami models, students learn how to make common folds, and how to interpret both visual and oral instructions. Students also learn some of […]

Exposures: Old and New School Photography

In this interactive workshop with Erik James Montgomery, students create unique images and explore the myriad possible approaches to this expressive art form. Depending on the length of the residency, the students will explore the following: photo literacy, pin-hole cameras, darkroom printing, digital photo editing, photograms, self-esteem via self-portraits, and much more! Program options: In-person […]