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Civil Rights Movements

This Hip Hop Fundamentals assembly focuses on student involvement in the American Civil Rights movement through dance, audience participation, and a variety of interactive activities. They tackle racism, segregation, and the struggle for freedom in a safe, family friendly atmosphere. Students hear the words of Dr. King, learn how nonviolent direct action helped end segregation, […]

Salsa for Social Studies!

Students build self-esteem and social awareness as they discover and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Latin America through an exploration of social dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha, and Bachata. Teamwork and collaboration are reinforced each step of the way as students work with Marck “Flaco” Best to master and perform their dances.

Heartbeat of the Americas

Heartbeat of the Americas explores the indigenous music of the Western Hemisphere. Discover how Native North American sounds synthesized with the music of Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa in the New World. Songs and instruments, legend and history are cast in the interplay of cultures as Mary plays cedar flute, frame and steel drums, […]

Gift of Story

In Gift of Story,  TAHIRA shares stories of hope, triumph, and tragedy, drawn from a diverse repertoire of original works and those based on African oral tradition.  Her high-energy and dramatic storytelling and vocal styles also touch upon contemporary issues, such as tolerance, empowerment, and the impact of one’s choices.  TAHIRA plays authentic African instruments […]

Stories of Africa

In Stories of Africa, students take a journey through the African Diaspora via story. From the villages of Africa to the urban streets of America, TAHIRA teaches students the origin and purpose of stories in the African experience. Each student has an opportunity to select a story; make their own adaptations; and perform the story. […]

Living History: Dramatizing Our Past

In Living History: Dramatizing Our Past, students gather information about their own families’ journeys to the United States and then turn their research into an extraordinary group presentation. Each Living History residency begins with a theater piece by Anne to introduce students to the immigrants who established themselves on America’s shores. NOTE: This program is […]

The Rock-Knockin Native Americans

Through song and guided activities, Billy B. demonstrates how pre-Columbian Native Americans used their ingenuity to build wigwams out of plants, make tools from flint, and trap wildlife for food. There is plenty of audience participation as students come to understand that Native Americans were the first recyclers!  

Lessons in Tolerance

Lessons in Tolerance is an examination of the causes and social costs of the Holocaust, genocide and persecution, followed by the development of positive artistic and intellectual responses to these events. As part of the Lessons in Tolerance program, students make a commitment to practicing the ideals of tolerance while the artist is present; and […]

Square Dancing

Learning and dancing go hand-in-hand as students delve into the folk tradition of square dance with Pat Cannon’s Foot and Fiddle Dance Company. A popular social dance since Colonial times, square dancing develops partnerships, teamwork, and listening skills while teaching respect and building community. This workshop can culminate in a Family Dance Party, a great way […]

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