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Medea, Thor & More: World Mythology

Young Audiences master of mythology, Seth Reichgott, is back with an all new program! Engaging, educational, and entertaining, this introduction to world mythology features robust audience participation and interaction and is accompanied by an immersive soundscape that helps tell the stories, set the mood, and create dynamic environments. Featuring “How Atum Made the World” from […]

Write Now!

This high energy, participatory program explores the often forgotten element of creative writing: spontaneity! Freestyle Repertory Theatre encourages audience volunteers get involved in the whimsy and fun of creating characters and settings off the tops of their heads. They see how plot unfolds through changes and what happens next. Three dynamic artists teach about physical […]

Ancient Thunder

In the beginning, twelve Titans ruled the heavens and Earth. They birthed a race of Gods known as Olympians who used their strength and cunning to banish the Titans forever. From the ashes of this great war rose humankind. Join Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble for this rambunctious retelling of classic Greek myths, including Midas’ touch, Persephone’s […]

The Little Circus

The Little Circus bring the WOW factor, with Cirque-Du-Soleil style aerials! This interactive and captivating show features juggling, vaudeville acts, tightwire, death-defying aerial acts, and lots of audience participation as it highlights the value of teamwork, practice, and a positive attitude. Character development themes can be included, including the the value of persistence, teamwork and […]

Dynamic Duo

This highly interactive, comedic show uses traditions from vaudeville, circus arts, theater, and music to create a captivating and inspiring performance. The Give and take Juggler’s Dynamic Duo show highlights the value of teamwork, practice, and a positive attitude, all infused with good-natured humor and lots of audience participation. Character development themes can be included, such […]

The Beast in the Bayou

Enchantment Everywhere’s reimagining of the classic story of Beauty and the Beast invites audiences to think deeply about the importance of the natural world and how the personal and environmental are truly connected. Set in Louisiana with the flavor of an American folktale, this timeless story transports audiences to a magical world of herons, turtles, […]

Shakespeare All Day

In addition to their provocative performances, the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ also conducts engaging workshops that get students on their feet to perform Shakespeare’s text.  While the performances engage, educate, and enlighten, the workshops make the experience more personal. Together, they transform Shakespeare from merely words in “some old book” to a fun, easily understood and accessible […]


In the George Street Playhouse’s powerful musical about opioid abuse and its impact on teens and families, we follow the story of star athlete Hope, who has limitless potential. When a boy she likes offers her one little pill to reduce the pain from a soccer injury, Hope makes a decision that rapidly transforms her […]

Tales from Turtle Island

Many Native Americans refer to North America as Turtle Island. Storyteller Rob Aptaker shares traditional Native tales, including Earth on Turtle’s Back (Iroquois), The Coming of Stories (Lenape), and more. Voices, gestures, animal sounds, and audience participation help bring the characters to life, along with authentic Native American songs accompanied by drum and rattle. Historic […]

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