And Now I See: Race, Racism & American Music

Ball in the House’s brand-new show explores African American music, from Spirituals, Gospel, and Jazz to Soul, Hip-Hop, and R&B.  Students will build awareness of where each style came from and why, as well as the cultural/social evolution of these styles and their influences and connect them to the contemporary styles of today. This is done […]

Sound Stories

This professional learning session provides a dynamic exploration of the sonic spaces and rhythmic worlds in which we inhabit through deep listening, sensory play, and hands-on collaborative learning. Educators will experience guided deep listening exercises and be invited to consider the many ways we make meaning of the sounds around us. Personal experiences will be […]

Cajón (box drum)

This program is designed to introduce educators to the history, culture, craftmanship, and rhythmical magic of the cajón (box drum). The cajón is an instrument that originated from the Afro-Peruvian community and is deeply rooted in the African Diaspora in Perú. Although it is at the heart of Afro-Peruvian and Criollo music, it also became […]

Puerto Rican Folkloric Music: la Bomba y la Plena

Segunda Quimbamba is a cultural gem based in Jersey City. Led by Master Drummer Juan Cartagena and Master Dancer Nanette Hernández, the band performs and teaches Puerto Rican folkloric music La Bomba and La Plena, honoring their ancestors and heritage through practicing this preservation. The call-and-response music creates a collaborative artistic space in Bomba for […]

Outside ROCK!

Jump, clap, play air guitar and sing along to super fun songs from Baby Shark to The Jackson 5 to Happy by Pharrell. Students will be treated to drums, bass, acoustic guitar, ukulele and a big double bass performed by Award winning singer songwriter Alice Leon and music educator and Broadway musician Al Greene. They […]

Music & Movement Where Muslims Live

Experience the music and movement traditions of Islam.  Karim Nagi guides students in a participatory experience of music and dance from different Muslim communities around the world.  Karim shares dances from communities in both the Near and Far East.  This program is a perfect opportunity for children to enjoy a meaningful and distinctive aspect of […]