Speak Up! Assembly

Speak Up! uses the percussive dance styles of tap dance, stepping, and body percussion to narrate iconic moments of John Lewis’ legacy. The program highlights the life of John Lewis, the 1960 Lunch Counter Sit-ins, the 1961 Freedom Riders, and the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March. This educational performance assists in preserving Black History and Art […]

I Dream a World (A School)

Visionary poets Amanda Gorman and Langston Hughes’ poetry powerfully imagines a world that works for everyone. Students will encounter recent work by Gorman and the Dream Poems of Hughes and be inspired to create their own Dream Poem that expresses what matters to them. Through expressing their own hopes and fears students have the opportunity […]

Being Mythic

Students will create an I Am Poem that reveals their inner mythic being. In the writing of the poem, they will also explore their roots and mythologies of their own cultures. The students will write their own poems while engaging with one of the first poems that was spoken in the ancient bardic tradition. This […]

Hip Hop Dance in your Classroom

This professional learning program will introduce hip hop dance into the classroom space as a tool to explore thematic content and assess student understanding. Participants will experience hip hop dance, as an opportunity to have fun, reflect, discuss, and analyze creative teaching strategies. Activities such as the story circle exercise and choreography created from thematic […]

Bee True to You

Drawing from her own experiences with bullying, adoption and hardships growing up, TOBIinjects her empowering and inspirational messages with original songs, video, trendy andbubbly characters and heartwarming storylines that teach and promotes kindness, respect, andhow to uncover one’s truest self. Together with the BTTY team, the world of BTTY NATIONinvites viewers to experience both LIVE and VIRTUALLY Live musical experiences, with theintent to create […]

Your Life Is a Work of Art

Bobby Beetcut’s program, Your Life is A Work of Art, uses music to immerse students in motion, rhythm, and mindfulness. Mixing live looping, beatboxing, multiple instruments, singing, dancing, and interactive play with basic principles of mindfulness, meditation, and creative visualization, this program teaches students how to view their life as a work of art and […]