Patterns in Nature

This workshop (or series of) will focus on the beauty, design and function of patterns, forms and structures found in the natural world. Topics including branching, the spiral/Fibonacci, star/radial, retiform/mesh, hyperbolic geometry, symmetry, etc. will be explored. Students will observe and draw from natural specimens and images, define and study, then create 2D and 3D […]

ERACISM: Erasing Visual Racism

Stereotypical images have negatively impacted the self-esteem of people for hundreds of years. We will examine how these negative images are used in media, cartoons, and in art. During this interactive workshop students will learn the power of anti-racist art by creating photography portraits and photo-collages. By students learning about and then confronting stereotypical images they […]

Artistic Sculpture

In this virtual workshop, students will work with paper materials to create three-dimensional sculptures.  This creative process is linked to other content areas. Students draw on their imaginations, the principles of science, engineering and contemporary and historical artistic practices.  Triada’s approach helps students learn how to connect creative practices with academic success. This workshop places […]

Chinese Dragon Shadow Puppet Theatre

Students are introduced to the history and culture of traditional Chinese shadow puppet theatre and learn about characteristics of the mythological Chinese dragon.  After a trip through the unique world of the artist’s studio, students are guided in making their own dragon shadow puppet and shown how to create a shadow puppet using a flashlight […]

Designing Engaged Learning

In this virtual professional learning program teachers will learn how to use basic elements and principles of design as a means of communicating ideas. Through designing their own artworks in a series of exercises that build from simple and quick, to more intentionally social-emotionally driven, and then curriculum-driven, teachers will be able to share a […]

Transforming Learning Through Chinese Theatre

Though the use of Chinese Theatre, this professional learning supports teachers to discover the benefits and possibilities for using puppetry as a creative teaching and learning strategy. Teachers will gain an understanding of how and when puppetry can be used to 1) support a positive classroom culture, 2) introduce curriculum topics, 3) enhance creativity, and […]

Empowering the Creative Self: Bringing Arts Integration into the Classroom

In this professional learning program, teachers will gain a deeper understanding of Arts Enhancement and Arts Integration.  The program explores teaching methods and materials used to integrate the arts (Visual Art, Creative Movement, Music, and Theatre) as creative strategies to teach academic subjects in the K-12 curriculum. A focus is placed on process-based creative exploration, […]

Art and Coding

This workshop guides students through adapting a book into a media production using Scratch (a visual programming language) to program a Scratch Play. Developing a literature adaptation requires students to not only comprehend a story, but also to closely study an original work and to be creative in retelling the story. Students will need to […]