Outside ROCK!

Jump, clap, play air guitar and sing along to super fun songs from Baby Shark to The Jackson 5 to Happy by Pharrell. Students will be treated to drums, bass, ukelele, acoustic guitar and a big double bass performed by Award winning singer songwriter Alice Leon and music educator and Broadway musician Al Greene. They […]

Music & Movement Where Muslims Live

Experience the music and movement traditions of Islam.  Karim Nagi guides students in a participatory experience of music and dance from different Muslim communities around the world.  Karim shares dances from communities in both the Near and Far East.  This program is a perfect opportunity for children to enjoy a meaningful and distinctive aspect of […]

Hip Hop Culture Empowers Student Writing and Communication

In this professional learning program Baba Bomani will support teachers to be able to use aspects of hip-hop art and culture to create an engaging learning environment. This active workshop will guide teachers to lead rhyme-based strategies to build student writing and communication skills using the five steps of the Writing Process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, […]


VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON PROGRAM Please fill out this inquiry form or call 866-500-9265 for more information. (Virtual programs are not charged a travel fee.) In this interactive and energetic program, students brainstorm and contribute to “hit” songs.  Songwriting is a joyous way to reinforce and learn curriculum concepts.  Students will learn the basics of songwriting and will write […]

Bee True to You

Drawing from her own experiences with bullying and hardships growing up, award-winning international singer ThatGirlTobi injects her empowering and original songs with messages about kindness, respect, and uncovering your truest self. Together with the BTTY team, ThatGirlTobi has created an interactive, virtual musical experience with the specific mission of helping kids navigate through the current […]

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