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Biodiversity with Billy B.

Billy B. uses science, humor, music, dance, and audience participation to introduce the wonder of our earth’s biodiversity, why it is declining, and how we can help to protect it. Billy B. hopes to educate people of all ages about biodiversity by introducing issues such as pollution, deforestation, and overfishing and how other human behaviors […]

Voice of the People: A History of American Folk Music

Folk music has had a vital role throughout American History in creating community through song, story, and dance. This interactive and entertaining musical experience explores the rich history of folk music, from “Yankee Doodle,” “This Land is Your Land,” and “The Cat Came Back” to good old rock and roll, playground songs, and jump rope […]

Outside the Bachs

From Bach to Beethoven, Django Reinhardt to Jethro Tull! Combining the virtuosity of world-class artists with the energy of rock stars, the performers from Project Trio remix traditional ideas of chamber music. Students discover the joys of classical and jazz music through exciting arrangements and plenty of originals. By combining classical repertoire with elements of […]

Fusión Mexicana

Through the fusion of powerful lyrics and high-energy movements, the Villalobos Brothers use their violins and voices to redefine contemporary Mexican music. With original compositions and arrangements of traditional songs, elements of jazz, rock, classical, and Mexican folk are blended to deliver a powerful message of love, camaraderie, and social justice. This perfect combination of high-octane […]

Songwriting and Green Screen Music Videos

Whether you want to create a school song, find new ways to engage students in science or math, or address character education, this workshop empowers and motivates students through the exciting process of writing and recording songs. Students brainstorm ideas, write original lyrics and music, and perform and record songs digitally. They also explore cutting-edge […]

Sonic Evolution

From high-energy original music to classical pieces to contemporary cover songs, this cutting-edge quartet’s original and organic crossover sound bridges classical and rock music. Students participate directly in this exciting and energizing Cello Fury program as they learn about the string and percussion families, compare musical styles, explore sound effects, and discover how technology can […]

Rhythmic Connections

Students of all ages express themselves while having plenty of fun making music together! This workshop provides tools and techniques for enlivening creativity and creating community through music, rhythm, and movement improvisation. In an inspirational and supportive environment, each participant has a chance to discover, explore, and express their own creativity while experiencing the joys […]

Heartbeat of the Americas

Heartbeat of the Americas explores the indigenous music of the Western Hemisphere. Discover how Native North American sounds synthesized with the music of Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa in the New World. Songs and instruments, legend and history are cast in the interplay of cultures as Mary plays cedar flute, frame and steel drums, […]

Electric Sound

After a Bach to Rock: the Science of Sound performance, Caryn Lin works with smaller groups of students to demonstrate looping, sound effects, and other techniques she shares throughout her assembly program to give students a more in-depth, hands-on experience. Caryn can work with string students or band students, or conduct a general music workshop. […]

Junk Jam: The Multi-Day Experience

Students experience making music with found objects and create their own found-object instrument they can keep. Long-term residencies (10 days or more) also include a student performance on the instruments they make or the creation of larger, communal “junk jam stations” that can stay behind at the school. 2 class limit (up to 90 minutes […]

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