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Shakespeare All Day

In addition to their provocative performances, the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ also conducts engaging workshops that get students on their feet to perform Shakespeare’s text.  While the performances engage, educate, and enlighten, the workshops make the experience more personal. Together, they transform Shakespeare from merely words in “some old book” to a fun, easily understood and accessible […]

Between the World and Me

Rooted in the hip hop aesthetic and break beat poet tradition, students will unearth their personal stories and the stories of those around them through a series of exploratory writing and performance exercises designed to capture who they are, where they come from, and how they see the world.


Hip Hop songwriter and poet Bomani explores the fun process of writing by employing techniques used when composing hip hop poems and song lyrics. Whether it’s rhyming, revising, or editing, the process of writing is universal! Students will be inspired to create their next song, poem, or essay using the skills Bomani imparts to them. […]

Reimagining Algebra Through Storytelling

This dynamic STEAM program utilizes storytelling to present algebra concepts in a creative and imaginative way, offering students a different perspective to approaching algebra. Students apply the elements of black storytelling to create their version of a story told by master storyteller TAHIRA. The students’ retelling allows them to make unique choices to shape the […]


In this exhilarating workshop, students learn to overcome physical and mental boundaries, exercise their creative abilities, and cooperate with others through techniques of movement, storytelling, and partner balancing. Working individually, in groups, and as a class, students invent new body shapes, learn basic acrobatic skills, and play games that will transport them to fantastic worlds […]

Storytelling & Literacy

Students learn the structural and performance elements of storytelling while collaborating with classmates to create group stories in Storytelling & Literacy. In this literacy-based program, students participate in hands-on exercises that engage voice, tone, facial expressions and body movement to make a story come alive. A multi-day residency with Queen Nur enriches the students’ experience […]

A Way with Words

In this challenging workshop students use freestyle rap and the process of improvising lyrics to explore language, build confidence, and use creativity.  The art of freestyling illustrates to students the power poets possess as they use their own unique voices to weave words together into inspired lyrics. This art form strengthens students’ ability to bring […]

The Secret Cypher Club

Three performance poets examine friendship, self-expression, and character development through live poetry, hip-hop influenced rhyme, and theatre. In their “cypher,” a circle in which people share their art, the Cypher Poets expose their trials and accomplishments for the week, give each other support and encouragement, and share their poetry. Audience members are encouraged to use […]

Healthily Ever After

Ever wonder why Jack and Jill fell down that hill? Maybe it’s because they were dehydrated. Or why did Hare take a nap in the middle of the big race? Perhaps he hadn’t eaten a proper breakfast that day. Using puppets, clever costuming, and exciting sound effects, Healthily Ever After reimagines familiar children’s stories and […]

Book Arts

This exploration inspires students to create their own books. Styles include pop-up, envelope accordion, origami, and marbleized covers. Each book is personalized using drawing, painting, and collage and can be used to hold students’ poetry, short stories, and artwork. Book styles can be tailored by age group and length of time.

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