Bollywood – Dances of India

Bollywood films are world-famous for their incredible dance numbers, a fusion of traditional Indian dance with jazz inuence and modern technique. With DanceXStudio and choreographer Jayshree Srikanth, students will learn timing, rhythm, energy and expressive movements. The students will learn more about Indian culture, geography, history and dance’s ever important role. Central Jersey Only Program […]

Dancing Ourselves

Critically acclaimed Heidi Latsky Dance is passionately dedicated to reflecting the true diverse nature of the world we live in through accessible, thought-provoking, dynamic and rigorous dance works. We promote active/complete inclusion and challenging preconceived notions of who are generally accepted as dancers as a metaphor for life. During the assembly, we share our core […]

Rhythm: The Lost Language

Students will learn the language of rhythm from acclaimed tap dancer and choreographer Maurice Chestnut. Each session begins with a rhythm stretch and a percussive call and response warm-up. Learners will begin their journey in Africa with djembe rhythms, then move through New Orleans and New York where Africans and Irish step dancers created the […]

Sharing, Teamwork, Juggling!

This highly interactive, comedic show uses traditions from vaudeville, circus arts, theater, and music to create a captivating and inspiring performance. The Give & take Juggler’s Dynamic Duo show highlights the value of teamwork, practice, and a positive attitude, all infused with good-natured humor and lots of audience participation. Character development themes can be included, […]

Creating a Multicultural Arts-Rich Classroom

In this workshop the art forms of storytelling, dance, poetry, and music will help educators to bring the culture and language of students into the curriculum. By altering classroom artifacts, daily rituals, and frequently used stories to reflect the first language(s) and culture(s) of students, educators design classroom environments that more intentionally reflect and affirm […]

Speak Up! Assembly

Speak Up! uses the percussive dance styles of tap dance, stepping, and body percussion to narrate iconic moments of John Lewis’ legacy. The program highlights the life of John Lewis, the 1960 Lunch Counter Sit-ins, the 1961 Freedom Riders, and the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March. This educational performance assists in preserving Black History and Art […]

Speak Up Residency

This residency uses percussive dance to explore the significant contributions of John Lewis. Through this residency, participants dive into themes of justice and civil rights while embodying collaboration, teamwork and learning the importance of Lewis’ “Good Trouble.” Each session expands on the previous day with participants learning to embody the essence of John Lewis using […]

Joy Resides Here: An Interactive Justice Journey of Oral History/Telling and Diasporic African Drum and Dance Traditions

Uncover how Diasporic African Polyrhythms from Africa, Brazil and America create mechanisms for place-making. Experience a Porch Choreo-Story from a Historically Black Neighborhood while learning about the Great Migration. Oral History/telling practices allow us to document our own stories, and speak for ourselves. Using dance as text, students will dance a friendship quality in the […]