Sister Rain and Brother Sun

Artist: Catskill Puppet Theatre

Type: Performances / Assembly

Program Availability: In-Person

  • Photo of Sister Rian and Brother Sun by Catskill Puppet Theatre


When glistening Sister Rain becomes jealous of shining Brother Sun and stops watering the Earth, wise Mother Nature must step in to save the day. In this musical tale, students interact with Catskill Puppet Theatre’s large, beautifully crafted rod puppets, as well as colorful sets and costumes, discovering that we must all work together to help our Earth thrive.

Program options:


Please fill out this inquiry form or call 866-500-9265 for more information. (Virtual programs are not charged a travel fee.)

Price & Info


Assembly Price: $1,345

Assembly Two-in-a-Row Price: $1,805

Additional Fees: In-Person Program Travel Fee - $95 per day; Virtual Program Technology Fee - $45; (On-Demand programs are not charged travel or tech fees)


Audience Limit: 250

Program Length: 45 min.

Appropriate For Grade(s): Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd



Character Education Month

National Arts & Humanities Month

Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections

Character Education

English Language Arts


Technical Requirements

Performance space on same level as audience. Performance space needs to be 12 ft. deep, 11 ft. high, and 16 ft. wide, with access to electricity. The room can be bright or dim. Artist arrives 2 hours in advance to set up.