Artist Bio

Kate Marie Sclavi is an Artist Educator with 18 years of experience in the field, she has taught art workshops to all-ages in every setting imaginable, from Pre-K children to elderly individuals, and has been an art maker since birth.

As an Art Educator, Sclavi believes in reinventing art education to be process-based, integrative within schools, student-centered, and based around freedom of choice. Sclavi’s work centers on creating community partnerships, collaborative art making experiences, and creating curriculum with an arts integration approach. Her pedagogy is process-based, experimental, and focuses on the creative process as a methodology to learning about the world, self, and others.

As a Symbiotic Art Maker, Sclavi believes art allows for new ways for humans to interact, and learn from “The Other.” Her imaginative and playful socially-engaged art projects reimagine new possibilities to communicate and live. Her work extends beyond the gallery and is found in public spaces, unexpected places, and at places of celebratory communion.

Sclavi holds a BFA in Art Education and Fine Arts, and a M.Ed. in Art Education with a focus on Community Art Practices. Currently Sclavi is a rostered artist with Young Audiences, and on the faculty at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University. In her spare time, she runs a 501c3 art collective in Brooklyn, NY, based around participatory art experiences, and creates fiber-based and painted artworks.