Artist Bio

Hip Hop Fundamentals is an award-winning team of diverse professional breakers (breakdancers) who are revolutionizing the world of Hip Hop Education. Our unique approach combines academic and social content with the world’s most dynamic dance form, Breaking, making us the only education company of its kind in the world. As certified teaching artists, seasoned performers, and battle-tested dancers, we are dedicated to inspiring and engaging audiences of all ages. 

At Hip Hop Fundamentals, we believe that all learning should be fun. Our dynamic, interactive performances and workshops are guaranteed to empower, engage, and educate youth of all ages. Our company specializes in integrating academic content with arts education, making our programs perfect for schools, community sites, cultural and social organizations, museums, educational conferences and government agencies. Since 2004, we have presented thousands of shows and hundreds of workshops across the United States, leaving audiences amazed, engaged and inspired by our unique method of education.