How To Set Up Your Arts For Learning Residency Program.

Booking an Arts for Learning residency is as simple as booking any other YA residency. The difference is that you now have resources to help you increase student engagement and learning. Our YA Education Team will work with you to ensure that your individualized residency program meets your Title 1 curricular goals.

FAQs & Questions

How do I start?

Reach out to us through our online form or by contacting our Education Operations Director, Liz Winter at [email protected]. We will then meet to discuss your needs and design a residency plan.

What is the planning meeting?

The planning meeting is the first step in your school’s Arts for Learning residency. During this meeting, you will meet your teaching artist, and we will discuss the artistic and educational content of the residency, select dates and times, and answer any outstanding questions.

What does each residency consist of?

Each 5 or 10-day residency includes up to four workshops per day, with a maximum class size of 25 students. The 5 or 10 days of the residency can reach up to 100 students, with the teaching artist instructing the same students each visit. To reach more students, you can book additional residencies. You will have access to an introductory video from the teaching artist for the students and for home, an activity video to watch and experience with students when your teaching artists isn’t in the classroom, as well as a curated list of resources for teachers to use post-residency.

How long is each workshop?

Workshops are between 40 – 45 minutes long, depending on your school’s class schedule.

Will I be able to coordinate workshop times/dates with my teaching staff?

Yes. As part of the planning meeting, we work directly with your school to ensure our artists’ workshop schedule works with your school’s needs. You will have the option to decide the times of each class and any dates throughout the year that work best. We make it easy to work around any of your school’s commitments and events.

Will I have to pay for any workshop materials?

Not at all. All materials are included in the cost of the residency.

Are there any additions I can include in my Arts for Learning program other than workshops?

Absolutely! Our Arts for Learning residency program has additional features that will enhance your school’s residency experience. We offer Community Arts Night which includes caregivers and family members as part of the residency experience. We also have Professional Learning options for your staff.

How much does this residency program cost?

Pricing will depend on your residency design. Connect with Liz Winter for more information [email protected]. Subsidies may be available!

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