Artist Bio

Ssuuna is a dancer, drummer, singer, songwriter, and reggae artist from Uganda with a wide range of performance experience. Raised in a small village by grandparents, SSUUNA found comfort in the Ugandan traditional music that was played at school. As a result, his interest in music was born. This interest was then encouraged, nutured and reinforced by his grandparents and elders through proverbs, stories, songs, dances and instrumentation. Ssuuna’s musical background is a priceless cultural glimpse of Uganda. This music helped to alleviate the poverty, hunger, hopelessness and suffering that SSUUNA and millions of Ugandans experienced during the years of civil wars and political turmoil.

In 1988 SSUUNA embraced the opportunity to further his education in the United States. He has continued to spread the teachings of his elders through his performances. SSUUNA takes his audience on a cultural extravaganza with a combination of traditional and contemporary songs, dances, instruments, stories, games, and costumes.