Artist Bio

Leigh Robertson began training capoeira (as well as Brazilian samba dance, music, and other Afro-Brazilian folkloric traditions) under the guidance of Mestre Doutor, ASCAB Capoeira, in the year 2000. Since receiving her Instructor “cord” in 2006 she has been a featured guest teacher and performer at capoeira events throughout the country and abroad. After earning the rank of Professor in 2009, she founded Capoeira Morro Verde (named after her childhood home, “Greenhill Farm”) with the vision of creating a capoeira community in her hometown, and opened the first and only Capoeira Academy & Cultural Center in New Hope, PA. She is dedicated to preserving the unique style of capoeira passed down to her through a multifaceted instructional program for children and adults. In 2015 Leigh was promoted to the level of Contra-Mestra and is honored to be one of the select few American women teaching at this level, and the first woman in the history of ASCAB Capoeira to achieve this recognition. Leigh is determined to inspire as many people as possible through capoeira. Some of her most fulfilling work is with underserved communities that have limited access to the arts. She also performs professionally in movies, artistic productions, festivals, charity events and education centers.