Artist Bio

Heidi Latsky Dance, founded in 2001, redefines beauty and virtuosity through innovative performance and discourse. Dedicated to reflecting the true diverse nature of the world we live in, HLD brings rigorous, passionate, and thought-provoking work to broad audiences at venues that include Lincoln Center, Whitney Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Alexander Kasser Theater and The American Dance Festival. Since 2015, the company has been broadening their reach with live art installations where a diverse cast of performers are sculptures. HLD’s worldwide initiative, ON DISPLAY GLOBAL, takes place annually on December third for the UN’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities at the United Nations, NYU Tisch, and in communities around the US and the world including China, Indonesia, Peru, South Korea, Uganda, Iran, Brazil and Israel. The company is excited to share with students Artistic Director’s Heidi Latsky’s deep appreciation of diversity and inclusion through videos, lively activities and thoughtful discussions.  The goal is to enhance each school’s curriculum needs through writing, technology, music, creativity, physical activity, social interaction, and self–reflection with an underlying objective to provide a strong model of tolerance and acceptance of both ourselves and others.