Artist Bio

The Give & Take Jugglers have enjoyed a tremendously successful 40 year career. Founded in 1982 by a 5th-grade teacher interested in giving his students a performing outlet, Give & Take and has had a deep history of educating and inspiring young people. Since then, they have performed in thousands of schools all along the east coast, in addition to community festivals, fundraisers, and events of all shapes and sizes.

Eric Belcher and Allison Watman are the next generation of the Give & Take Jugglers family. Eric, a former Ringling Bros clown, has 30 years of performance experience under his belt. Allison, an esteemed juggler and aerialist, holds her MA in Elementary Education and Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley University and has a passion for education through the arts. Both Eric and Allison currently work for the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and the first American professional circus college, Circadium.