Artist Bio

Bobby Beetcut is a peace-educating “Family Roots” musician who creates a fun and funky blend of uplifting and inspiring music that resonates with children and families alike.

For twenty five years, Bobby Beetcut has built a career as a performer and educator. He has performed with a variety of original music projects at clubs, theaters, and music festivals all over the United States. He has taught music privately and in schools to hundreds of students. He has studied extensively the arts of meditation and conscious co-creation, most importantly studying under Professor Philip Golabuk at the Field Center in 2004 and 2005.

He coined the term Family Roots Music and released two albums distributed by Sony Music in 2013 and 2015. Family Roots Music is music you plant children into. The soil that we surround our children with is where they will draw nutrients and sustenance. Family Roots music is fertile soil for helping to grow compassionate, fun, socially conscious, peaceful human beings.

Since his crossover to Family Roots Music, Bobby Beetcut has become known for writing and recording songs and videos that all have a message of peace and universal values. His passion is to empower children with the understanding and tools they need to create the lives of their dreams. He understands that the best way to teach someone is to be an example.