Artist Bio

Bobby Beetcut has taught and inspired thousands of students over the course of his 25-year music career. His mission is to empower children to discover their creativity, and to live the life of their dreams. His music is fun, funky, and uplifting, while also educational. Students learn to focus their minds, regulate their emotions, and set their intentions for a successful future.

Bobby Beetcut’s story is how he created his dream life, which includes living happily in nature, playing music, traveling, and inspiring others to achieve their dreams too! He has performed at major music festivals, theaters, and clubs throughout the United States. He also performed in Europe and the Middle East.

He has written hundreds of songs and released two successful children’s music albums with major label distribution by SONY Music. To Bobby, music is like nourishment for the soul. He coined the term ‘Family Roots Music,’ a phrase which refers to wholesome music that is like fertile soil for helping to grow compassionate, socially conscious, peaceful kids.

Along the way, Bobby has studied the art of mindfulness meditation with many teachers including Mantak Chia, Brian O’Conner, Master Wanchull Park, Master Nam Jin Kim, and a mentorship with University of Florida Professor Philip Golabuk at the Field Center. He uses this knowledge to give students the tools they need to improve focus, do better in school, improve their relationships, and create healthy, happy, and peaceful lives.