Effective Reading, Math, & SEL Interventions for Title 1 Goals

Programs were developed in partnership with educators to target Title 1 learning goals. Teaching artists introduce and support priority standards using authentic, creative arts experiences.

There are four curricular connected modules to support Title 1 learning goals, and offer:

  • A new, innovative, and turn-key approach—moving students from computer screens to authentic hands-on learning
  • A program that is deliberate and specific to the school’s Title 1 goals
  • A pedagogical approach that engages student’s varying learning styles and strengths
  • Connections to home that offer parents the chance to see their child’s growth
  • Options for deeper engagement, including teacher professional learning and family nights

How It’s Structured


You’ll Work with 1 of Our 4 Esteemed Teaching Artists

Alice Leon


Alice Leon

Making Math Musical

Math, creativity, music, and fun come together in this highly engaging residency. Students will practice math skills to create songs and original music videos focused on basic math facts. This joyful and collaborative project will strengthen students’ number sense, while promoting self- confidence and pride. This program is designed to enhance math competency while engaging all learning styles.


Baba Bomani


Baba Bomani

The Writing Process and Hip Hop

Develop and strengthen students’ understanding of the writing process with an innovative approach: the exciting world of hip-hop songwriting! Using grade level content, Baba Bomani inspires and guides students as they plan, organize, write and revise their own personal writing. This highly engaging residency integrates SEL competencies including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills.





A Story, a Story: ELA & Storytelling

Students bring stories to life and make important connections to language arts learning with national award-winning storyteller TAHIRA. TAHIRA’s engaging and joyful storytelling supports students’ learning about character, setting, story sequence and more. Students adapt stories, using their personal experiences and values to express themselves. SEL competencies, including responsible decision making, self-awareness, and social awareness are woven into the learning.


Molly Johnson


Molly Johnson

Creative Approach to Fractions

Integrating fractions and mathematical communication, students create math-based murals using simple art materials and techniques. Nationally credentialed teaching artist Molly Johnson introduces the work of professional artists who use math as their inspiration. Students do the same, and practice conceptual, representational, and abstract understandings of fractions. This residency engages students’ creativity, and mathematical thinking through hands-on artmaking.