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Doodle Bots

A Doodle Bot is a motorized contraption that moves in unusual ways and draws on its own by leaving a mark to trace its path. It is made from simple materials and is set in motion by a vibrating offset motor that causes it to bounce, spin, bump, and move. Each student makes their own […]

The Amazing Junk Jam

Are you ready to jam? Environmental sustainability and social responsibility take center stage in The Junk Jam Band’s high-energy educational program featuring found objects and homemade instruments. Everyone gets involved, as students create and layer sounds, using looping technology to create songs. Learning that junk can be used in so many ways has never been […]

Story Dance

The Story Dance dynamic workshop teaches literacy through dance using stories from different cultures. Working with classroom teachers to choose a book, students will learn and create their own sequential choreography to tell the story of the chosen book.

Gargoyles: From Gothic to Grotesque

In Gargoyles: From Gothic to Grotesque, a 3-D artist shows how to create gargoyles using pinch-pot construction and basic hand-building pottery techniques. A storyteller recounts medieval legends and contemporary children’s fiction that inspire the students to write and perform their own myths based on their gargoyle creations.

Eda Ne Kakati (From the Past to the Present)

This jubilant assembly introduces students to the artistry of East African cultures through dance, music, and storytelling. Sharing music from his native Uganda and authentic East African instruments, Ssuuna inspires students to compare cultures and to learn the importance of respecting cultural differences. The program ends in celebration as students play alongside Ssuuna and learn […]

Free to Dance

Lindo Maravilhoso! Beautiful, Marvelous! This exploration of Afro-Brazilian culture traces the role of dance throughout Brazilian history. Efraim Silva and his dancers dazzle students with their infectious rhythms and physical prowess, combining dance and the martial arts. From the birth of Capoeira among enslaved Africans in the 16th century to the significance of Rio’s Carnival […]

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