Breaking: The Laws of Physics

Artist: Hip Hop Fundamentals

Type: Performances / Assembly

Program Availability: In-Person

  • Hip Hop Fundamentals - Breaking: The Laws of Physics
  • Hip Hop Fundamentals - Breaking: The Laws of Physics
  • Hip Hop Fundamentals - Breaking: The Laws of Physics


Ready to learn Physics in a brand new way? This high-powered assembly program teaches states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) through breakdancing, with the energy, enthusiasm, and unique educational approach that only Hip Hop Fundamentals can bring!

Dancing molecules, interactive “experiments,” and genuine fun come together to provide students with a science experience they’ll never forget.

Program options:


Please fill out this inquiry form or call 866-500-9265 for more information. (Virtual programs are not charged a travel fee.)

Price & Info


Assembly Price: $1155

Assembly Two-in-a-Row Price: $1995

Travel Fee: $75 per day (virtual and on-demand programs are not charged for travel)


Audience Limit: 575

Program Length: 50

Appropriate For Grade(s): Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th



Arts Appreciation Month

Earth Week/Science Month

End of Year Celebration

National Arts in Education Week

National Dance Month

Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections

Dance & Movement




Technical Requirements

Artists will arrive approximately 1/2 hour prior to first performance. At least 15 x 15 feet of floor space. Floor must be swept and mopped. No carpeting. Bottled water for performers. They will bring their own sound and mics. Directions not needed the dancers will use a GPS.