Out of School Time Summer Camp Program – Hip Hop Fundamentals

Younger Students (1st-3rd Grade)

Lesson 1 – Learn the parts of the dance and make a simple beginner combo

Lesson 2 – Add harder moves to the combo

Lesson 3 – Choreography: Learning how to put our movement to an 8 count and to music

Lesson 4 – Add speed and complexity to our choreography

Lesson 5 – Learn a Swipe, Create an original freeze, and complete our routine


Older Students (4th and Up)

This movement is deliberately more challenging in terms of memorization and physicality. Students should be highly encouraged to participate in all the repetitions and drills. The movement is complex, but our progressions work if the students are motivated to keep at it!

Lesson 1 – Learn a basic Breaking combo: Toprock, Drop, Freeze

Lesson 2 – Create a simple routine with counts out of the Lesson 1 movement

Lesson 3 – Learn complex footwork: Six Step and CC’s

Lesson 4 – Add complex footwork and SPEED into our routine with counts

Lesson 5 – Learn dynamic powermove: Swipe. Add swipe and new ending to our fast routine