Why integrate the arts?

Arts Integration Guide 3
Arts Ingegration Guide 1

Arts Integration Guide 2How do we transform teaching practice to ensure all children are given the best circumstances for learning? Young Audiences works in partnership with schools and school districts to address this question through arts integration professional learning for educators. Our model helps teachers gain a better understanding of arts-integration and illustrates the importance of collaborative partnerships. Teaching artists and educators work side-by-side to solve curricular challenges, enhance a teacher’s skills, and develop teacher led lessons. Researchers, along with school administrators, and district leadership, credit the use of arts-integrated professional learning for contributing to

  • increased student engagement, achievement, and attendance,
  • teacher efficacy and satisfaction, and
  • building a positive school climate and culture.

Arts Integraiton Guide 4OUR GOALS


Teachers and teaching artists will understand how to collaboratively plan, teach, and reflect on a lesson.


Teachers will integrate the arts into their daily lessons to accelerate the academic achievement of all students.