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Book Arts

This exploration inspires students to create their own books. Styles include pop-up, envelope accordion, origami, and marbleized covers. Each book is personalized using drawing, painting, and collage and can be used to hold students’ poetry, short stories, and artwork. Book styles can be tailored by age group and length of time.

Floating Pictures: The Art of Turkish Marbling

Richard Aldorasi introduces Erbu, one of the most unique and beautiful forms of Turkish marbling art. Using this classical technique, students will create one of a kind floating pictures by drawing colorful designs on top of water, and then carefully placing a large piece of fabric on the surface to absorb the dye. This project […]

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is both a means of communication and an expression of a person’s artistic identity. Students learn the meanings of and ways to  write words in Chinese ideographs while using traditional brushes and paper. They also discover the cultural and historical context of Chinese  calligraphy, which occupies a distinguished position in the field of […]

Chinese Shadow Puppets

Students explore traditional Chinese shadow puppet theatre and make a puppet of their own while learning about the history of shadow puppetry in ancient China. Additional time will allow students to create a friendship story that they can perform for the class.

Spirals in Nature: Fibonacci and Beyond

Focusing on the beauty, efficiency, and mathematical sequence of the spiral form, students create coil clay forms as well as a model made from cut paper. Students observe, draw, and model specimens and examples from nature, including the chambered nautilus, sunflowers, pine cones, and fingerprints.  The Fibonacci sequence is also demonstrated and explained.

Branching Patterns in Nature

Branching is a growth pattern found everywhere in the natural world. Using natural specimens, students observe, study, sketch, and build models that explore patterns of branching in nature, including trees, leaves, and plants; coral and seaweed; fungi and algae; and lightning. Human-made  constructs connected to branching, such as mapping, urban planning, and circuitry, are also […]

Silkscreen a Scene

Students learn simple silkscreen printmaking as they create a collaborative piece based on “nature imprints, the silhouettes of actual plants. This workshop offers many possibilities and options depending on how many days are available. A one-day workshop allows participants to print screens on a collaborative piece such as a banner, mural, scroll, wall, or t-shirts/costumes. […]

Creating Puppets

Students learn the ancient art of puppet-making and performance as they create their own puppets to perform original or traditional stories. Zach Green guides students in crafting shadow, rod or hand puppets. Creating Puppets is an ideal workshop to integrate visual arts with theatrical performance. Schools can choose to work with the artist for a single day to […]

Wooden Wonders: Sculptures Made from Wood

In Wooden Wonders: Sculptures Made from Wood, students use scraps of wood to create three-dimensional sculptures, drawing on their imaginations and principles of physics and architecture. Triada’s playful approach helps students of all ages connect with their own creativity, and create unique and profound works of art.

Handmade Paper & Books

Is it paper, or is it art? It’s both, as teaching artist Richard Aldorasi helps students explore ancient techniques of paper making.In Handmade Paper & Books, students create their own handmade linen papers and explore historical methods of decorating, including 15th century Turkish marbling and 12th century Japanese Sumanagashi marbling, embossing and decorative flower embedding. […]

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