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Using Arts Exploration to Reach All Students

Make your inclusion classroom truly inclusive and collaborative using the arts! This workshop features multi-art activities that promote imagination, self-esteem, collaboration, and conflict resolution in any classroom. Our artists work extensively with students with multiple physical, mental, and emotional challenges, and will work with you in planning to meet the needs of all teachers and […]

Teaching Science Through Dance and Dance Through Science

This program is a participatory workshop that will explore the connections between dance and science, covering such phenomena as magnetism, counterbalance, inertia, and gravity. Classroom activities that evoke parallels between scientific research and artistic process will be demonstrated, and teachers will have the chance to design their own lesson plans. Design Your Own Course: Providing […]

SPECTRUM Professional Development

If you’ve ever hoped to really understand math, this is the workshop for you! Teachers will explore the creative possibilities embedded in abstract mathematical concepts through hands-on visual art activities that can be easily used in the classroom. Although relevant to both math and art teachers, this workshop is a great way to explore ways for […]

Mythology, Music, and Movement

Learn how to integrate movement and sound into the classroom through a variety of projects. Participants will explore verbal expression, movement, and music as languages, and will explore how to use these tools to enliven storytelling and other classroom activities. Design Your Own Course: Providing the tools teachers need to substantively change their practice can […]

Making History Come Alive

In this program, learn to create active lesson plans that bring historical characters and events to life using theater and other arts activities to teach social studies. Developing “cultures” in your classroom will be an area of special focus. Design Your Own Course: Providing the tools teachers need to substantively change their practice can take […]

Creative Teaching Techniques and Assessment

Through hands-on exercises, participants learn how to plan and implement activities that use the arts and humanities in cross-curriculum multidisciplinary teaching. Participants can work on designing innovative ways to present existing curriculum, creating thematic units of study to integrate subject areas, reaching core curriculum content standards in a variety of areas, and/or designing effective alternative […]

Story Dance

The Story Dance dynamic workshop teaches literacy through dance using stories from different cultures. Working with classroom teachers to choose a book, students will learn and create their own sequential choreography to tell the story of the chosen book.

Lessons in Tolerance

Lessons in Tolerance is an examination of the causes and social costs of the Holocaust, genocide and persecution, followed by the development of positive artistic and intellectual responses to these events. As part of the Lessons in Tolerance program, students make a commitment to practicing the ideals of tolerance while the artist is present; and […]

Gargoyles: From Gothic to Grotesque

In Gargoyles: From Gothic to Grotesque, a 3-D artist shows how to create gargoyles using pinch-pot construction and basic hand-building pottery techniques. A storyteller recounts medieval legends and contemporary children’s fiction that inspire the students to write and perform their own myths based on their gargoyle creations.

The Art of Invention

Are your students inventive? Through hands-on engineering with simple materials, Molly Gaston Johnson helps students explore cause and effect in artistic sculptures, simple machines, and elegant design. Problem-solving in teams, competitive challenges, and the consequences of economics add to the excitement, along with introductions to Ancient Rome, Leonardo da Vinci, and the ever-popular idea that “form […]

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