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Empowering the Creative Self – Bringing Arts Integration into the Virtual Classroom – Virtual Professional Learning

NOTE: virtual programs are not charged a travel fee. Recommended Participants Teachers Paraprofessionals Arts Specialists Principals and Supervisors In this virtual professional learning program teachers will gain a deeper understanding of Arts Enhancement and Arts Integration.  The program explores teaching methods and materials used to integrate the arts (Visual Art, Creative Movement, Music, and Theatre) […]

Art and Coding

VIRTUAL PROGRAM AVAILABLE! Please fill out this inquiry form or call 866-500-9265 for more information. This workshop guides students through adapting a book into a media production using Scratch (a visual programming language) to program a Scratch Play. Developing a literature adaptation requires students to not only comprehend a story, but also to closely study an original work and to […]

The Amazing Junk Jam

VIRTUAL PROGRAM AVAILABLE! Please fill out this inquiry form or call 866-500-9265 for more information. (Virtual programs are not charged a travel fee.) Are you ready to jam? Environmental sustainability and social responsibility take center stage in The Junk Jam Band’s high-energy educational program featuring found objects and homemade instruments. Everyone gets involved, as students create and layer sounds, using […]

Creative Ideas for Language Learning

Creative Ideas for Language Learning is a hands-on/theory workshop that will provide participants with eight different potential pathways to learning and will help them define the best possible practices for teaching and thinking in language instruction. Participants will learn how to integrate storytelling, music, theater, and dance into teaching. This combination of creative thematic activities […]

Draw to Learn

No experience necessary! This workshop is designed specifically for classroom teachers with little or no drawing experience, but can also be adapted for art teachers. Explore how problem-solving strategies can emerge through art creation and how to connect to learning in other subject areas. Participants will learn strategies to stimulate creativity, enhance communication skills, and […]

Using Arts Exploration to Reach All Students

Make your inclusion classroom truly inclusive and collaborative using the arts! This workshop features multi-art activities that promote imagination, self-esteem, collaboration, and conflict resolution in any classroom. Our artists work extensively with students with multiple physical, mental, and emotional challenges, and will work with you in planning to meet the needs of all teachers and […]

Creative Teaching Techniques and Assessment

Through hands-on exercises, participants learn how to plan and implement activities that use the arts and humanities in cross-curriculum multidisciplinary teaching. Participants can work on designing innovative ways to present existing curriculum, creating thematic units of study to integrate subject areas, reaching core curriculum content standards in a variety of areas, and/or designing effective alternative […]

Story Dance

The Story Dance dynamic workshop teaches literacy through dance using stories from different cultures. Working with classroom teachers to choose a book, students will learn and create their own sequential choreography to tell the story of the chosen book.

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