Draw to Learn

Draw to Learn supports participants to use traditional and alternative drawing materials to explore the developmental landscape of mark making. Participants experience creative practices including sensory motor explorations, doodling, mind mapping, and close observation as exercises for creative expression, relaxation, mapping ideas, and representation of learning outcomes. Participants will learn strategies to stimulate creativity, enhance […]

Art and Coding

This workshop guides students through adapting a book into a media production using Scratch (a visual programming language) to program a Scratch Play. Developing a literature adaptation requires students to not only comprehend a story, but also to closely study an original work and to be creative in retelling the story. Students will need to […]

Using Art Explorations to Reach All Students

In this professional learning program with visual artist Molly Gaston Johnson, teachers will learn how to use basic elements and principles of design as a means of communicating ideas. Through designing their own artworks in a series of exercises that build from simple and quick, to more intentionally social-emotionally driven, and then curriculum-driven, participants will […]

Gargoyles: From Gothic to Grotesque

In Gargoyles: From Gothic to Grotesque, a 3-D artist shows how to create gargoyles using pinch-pot construction and basic hand-building pottery techniques. A storyteller recounts medieval legends and contemporary children’s fiction that inspire the students to write and perform their own myths based on their gargoyle creations. Program options: In-person Please fill out this inquiry form or […]

The Art of Invention

Are your students inventive? Through hands-on engineering with simple materials, Molly Gaston Johnson helps students explore cause and effect in artistic sculptures, simple machines, and elegant design. Problem-solving in teams, competitive challenges, and the consequences of economics add to the excitement, along with introductions to Ancient Rome, Leonardo da Vinci, and the ever-popular idea that “form […]