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Doodle Bots

A Doodle Bot is a motorized contraption that moves in unusual ways and draws on its own by leaving a mark to trace its path. It is made from simple materials and is set in motion by a vibrating offset motor that causes it to bounce, spin, bump, and move. Each student makes their own […]

The Amazing Junk Jam

Are you ready to jam? Environmental sustainability and social responsibility take center stage in The Junk Jam Band’s high-energy educational program featuring found objects and homemade instruments. Everyone gets involved, as students create and layer sounds, using looping technology to create songs. Learning that junk can be used in so many ways has never been […]

Team Building

Start the year off with enthusiasm and a spirit of collaboration! iThis program introduces a series of large and small group exercises, and participants gain the tools needed for creating partnerships with teachers in other grade levels or curriculum areas. Design Your Own Course: Providing the tools teachers need to substantively change their practice can […]

Lessons in Tolerance

In this hands-on arts and humanities program participants learn how to help their students identify and constructively respond to prejudice in their own school and/or community. The workshop addresses the mandate for Holocaust Education for the State of New Jersey and the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education. Design Your Own Course: Providing the tools […]

Planning a Community Arts Program

Learn how to devise a long-range plan for including the arts in a community-based or after-school program. Teaching artists work with participants to identify the type of plan that addresses the needs and logistical concerns of the individual programs. Design Your Own Course: Providing the tools teachers need to substantively change their practice can take […]

Creative Ideas for Language Learning

Creative Ideas for Language Learning is a hands-on/theory workshop that will provide participants with eight different potential pathways to learning and will help them define the best possible practices for teaching and thinking in language instruction. Participants will learn how to integrate storytelling, music, theater, and dance into teaching. This combination of creative thematic activities […]

Examining the Art and Literacy Link in the Classroom

In Examining the Art and Literacy Link in the Classroom, examine ways of increasing the art and literacy connection in your classroom and your students’ growth in both areas. Participants will explore how language use can encourage children’s creativity and verbal expression in areas including vocabulary, spatial relations, and aesthetic choices. Choose collage, paint, wood, […]

Visual Literacy: The Language of Image

Learn how we process pictorial data and construct meaning from images, and how to help students examine and evaluate pictures from different perspectives. Explore how visual metaphors and composition can help students create their own language. Design Your Own Course: Providing the tools teachers need to substantively change their practice can take more than a […]

Embracing Our Autistic and Asperger Kids

In Embracing Our Autistic and Asperger Kids, explore a variety of engaging strategies for teaching children with autism through the arts, including activities in movement, printmaking, writing, and sensory games. In addition, explore new ideas to motivate teaching practices and autism awareness in and out of the classroom. Developed and taught by Michelle Marigliano.

Draw to Learn

No experience necessary! This workshop is designed specifically for classroom teachers with little or no drawing experience, but can also be adapted for art teachers. Explore how problem-solving strategies can emerge through art creation and how to connect to learning in other subject areas. Participants will learn strategies to stimulate creativity, enhance communication skills, and […]

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