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Doodle Bots

A Doodle Bot is a motorized contraption that moves in unusual ways and draws on its own by leaving a mark to trace its path. It is made from simple materials and is set in motion by a vibrating offset motor that causes it to bounce, spin, bump, and move. Each student makes their own […]

The Art of Photography

In The Art of Photography, professional photographer Bill Vandever can work in schools with or without darkroom space. Depending upon student experience, available facilities, and curricular goals, this program can introduce students to photography, expand upon an existing program, or enhance another curriculum area.

The Art of Digital Photography

In The Art of Digital Photography, professional photographer and teacher Bill Vandever will work with students at their level— from beginner to advanced—to frame, shoot, and edit digital film files. This program can focus on unique curriculum goals and can introduce students to photography or expand upon an existing program. School must provide cameras and […]

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