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From Page to Stage

In From Page to Stage, students learn to adapt their favorite stories (or create original written work) for a theatrical performance. Participants are guided through the process of script development, beginning acting- both improvisational and with script- and aide teachers in bringing the work to life. Theater vocabulary, discipline and traditions are taught. The From […]

Gargoyles: From Gothic to Grotesque

In Gargoyles: From Gothic to Grotesque, a 3-D artist shows how to create gargoyles using pinch-pot construction and basic hand-building pottery techniques. A storyteller recounts medieval legends and contemporary children’s fiction that inspire the students to write and perform their own myths based on their gargoyle creations.

Poetry and Movement

Combining their artistic disciplines, dancer Michelle Marigliano and poet Eloise Bruce work together to bring poetry and movement into the classroom in Poetry and Movement. Through movement games students will explore elements of dance including space, time and energy and use this exploration as inspiration to create poetry. The Poetry and Movement interactive sessions will […]

I Never Saw Another Butterfly: Poetry, Art, and Stories of the Holocaust

In this provocative workshop with Rebecca Kelly, students reflect on symbols of the Holocaust, creating their own poetry and art in response. Artforms can include collage, graphite pencil drawings, watercolors, wax pastel images, and more. The poems in the collection I Never Saw Another Butterfly…, by Pavel Friedman and others, are presented as catalysts for […]

Graphic Novels

Limited Availability Award-winning author/illustrator Kevin C. Pyle teaches how to create characters, build worlds, and tell your stories with words and pictures in this immersive workshop. Students are introduced to many of the narrative tools unique to graphic novels, such as the visual representation of complex emotions, the identification and use of visual storytelling devices, […]

The Write Stuff

Designed by a language arts specialist, this workshop with Freestyle Repertory Theatre applies improvisational techniques to free the creativity of young authors. Two artists teach students to release their ideas, develop them into descriptions and characters, and finally organize a complete story. Students are encouraged to accept heir instinctual choices for character, setting, and action […]

Soul Sessions

Gayle Danley shines a light on the vivid, moving, and real poetry that each student holds inside. Residencies begin with a performance that opens youthful eyes and ears to the power of the spoken word, and can end with a poetry “slam” in which students share their work with classmates and teachers.

Seeing and Writing Poetry

Using figurative language and image to spark the imagination, students explore memory through creative writing with Eloise Bruce. Guided by the five senses, students use their personal experiences and emotions for inspiration as they write their own original poems. The results are carefully crafted memory poems expressed in vivid sensory language.

Soul Portraits

“Slamming” is poetry written and performed by the poet. This powerful performance builds a meaningful connection with students through the delivery of heart stirring, real-life poetry, creating an incomparable literary experience that is both dramatic and humorous. In three optional workshops following the performance, students write and perform their own slam poetry and create their […]

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