Will You Take the Arts Advocate Pledge?

Hello Arts Advocates!

Will you join us as we work toward our ultimate goal—reaching every child, every year with transformative arts education programs delivered by professional teaching artists? Raise your hand and take the Arts Advocate Pledge:

The arts are my heart.

Each morning I awaken fueled by the challenge:

How can I light up a child’s life with art?

Somewhere there is a young person who is hungry

for the orange, the red, the brilliant yellow of a paintbrush,

the soothing word of a poet, the pirouette that soars and saves.

I am committed to fulfilling this need.

There is no shame in my art game.

I was born this way.

Every day I enrich a child’s life.

I will not stop until the world is filled with children who have been

inspired, touched, and taught by art.

This is my quest, my guiding star.

The arts are my heart and you can’t take that away!

Teaching artist and slam poet Gayle Danley wrote this pledge in celebration of our 45th anniversary performed it with other arts education supporters in this video.

We hope you’ll take the pledge and give a tax-deductible donation to Young Audiences.


With grateful thanks,




Michele Russo

President & CEO