Artist Bio

Mexico Beyond Mariachi was created to address the needs of communities to know more about traditional Mexican performance culture beyond the stereotype. 

What seemed so obvious was being overlooked! While Mexican influence is all around us, what do people really know about the traditions of Mexico’s music and dance culture? Or the origins of the stories, legends, and myths that are interwoven together? And how do we effectively communicate that knowledge to young audiences?

Responding to that need, Mexico Beyond Mariachi created an in-depth school perforrmance and arts-in-education program that has reached over 100,000 students in over 250 schools and community venues on the East Coast.

The company performs art-in-education residencies, lecture demonstrations, as well as full-scale performance productions.

Recent performances include “The Pre-Hispanic Art Festival” and “Day of the Dead Celebration” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Kean University, Queens Theater in the Park, and seasonal touring throughout the Northeast United States with Green Meadows Farms’ “Festival of Cultures” program.