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Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics

In this mesmerizing one-woman acrobatic performance, Li Liu performs hand balancing, plate spinning, artistic cycling, ribbon dancing, foot juggling, and more. Students join her to create an impromptu ribbon dance and try their hand at plate spinning. Students learn about Chinese language and culture as Li Lui explains some of the rituals of Chinese New […]


In this exhilarating workshop with Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, students learn to overcome physical and mental boundaries, exercise their creative abilities, and cooperate with others through techniques of movement, storytelling, and partner balancing. Working individually, in groups, and as a class, students invent new body shapes, learn basic acrobatic skills, and play games that will […]

Civil Rights Movements

This Hip Hop Fundamentals assembly focuses on student involvement in the American Civil Rights movement through dance, audience participation, and a variety of interactive activities. They tackle racism, segregation, and the struggle for freedom in a safe, family friendly atmosphere. Students hear the words of Dr. King, learn how nonviolent direct action helped end segregation, […]

Colors of India

Join four dancers from AATMA Performing Arts on an epic journey charting the exciting evolution of Indian dance. This dynamic performance of Colors of India focuses on the explosive rhythms found in Indian classical and folk dance, which eventually gave rise to the globally recognized Bollywood dance and music of today. Students learn about the diverse […]

Stories from Around the World

Take your students on a colorful exploration of dance and literature with Nimbus Dance. Making stops in China, Sweden, Brazil, and Majorca, students delve into the connection between dance and literacy with choreographed narratives of time-honored folktales. Bright costumes, engaging music, and live narration enhance the program, which uses a variety of dance types including […]


What can we do together that we can’t do apart? The four performers of Almanac Dance Circus Theatre tumble, climb, fly, and fall in a physical language of storytelling in action. Students understand character education concepts like trust, teamwork, and support through this visual display fusing acrobatics, storytelling, and daring physicality. Audience participation is encouraged […]

Fundamental Rhythms

Students will amaze themselves as they learn basic moves and create their own choreography by exploring the American art form of breakdancing with Hip Hop Fundamentals. Created in the 1970s by New York’s youth, the dance form is an engaging and exciting way for young people to express themselves, have fun, exercise, build confidence, and […]

Salsa for Social Studies!

Students build self-esteem and social awareness as they discover and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Latin America through an exploration of social dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha, and Bachata. Teamwork and collaboration are reinforced each step of the way as students work with Marck “Flaco” Best to master and perform their dances.

The Principles of Hip Hop: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun

Inspire positive change in young people through an exploration of the roots of hip hop culture with Hip Hop Fundamentals. This ensemble of dynamic and energetic dancers use breakdancing and abundant audience participation to explore hip hop’s rich cultural history and how underserved inner-city youth changed the world. The performance focuses on youth empowerment, diversity, […]

Science Can Dance!

Science and the natural world come to life through this engaging creative movement experience with Laura Marchese. Students explore and move based on classroom topics while practicing critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, and cooperative sharing of ideas in an environment that values each members’ contribution to the creative process. Topics can include the water […]

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